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The pattern continues on Vatican Shadow’s proper debut LP, Remember Your Black Day . (After releasing a mountain of music, dubbing this a “debut” is in itself a wink and nudge.) The title is taken from a controversial chalk illustration drawn in front of the United States embassy in Cairo last year, on September 11, with those words written in Arabic around a Star of David. On the cover, a city skyline smolders. On the back, an aquamarine operations map of The Middle East sports an Old Testament paraphrase and a quote from Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL known as the American military’s best sniper ever until a fellow veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder murdered him at a gun range earlier this year . The titles reflect previous Vatican Shadow suspects (Saddam Hussein, Chechnya, terrorists) and otherwise work to trigger related hot buttons—“Contractor Corpses Hung Over the Euphrates River,” for instance. It’s dangerous, ridiculous stuff, illustrative not only of the damage that war engenders but also of the hyperbolic, internal anti-logic it can foster.

Allen says the Pope’s dislike of America and Americans springs from his Latin American origin and the fact that the “resentment of the . is sort mother’s milk across the region.” Allen cites various coups engineered by the the . in Honduras, Chile, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.

Vatican Shadow - September CellVatican Shadow - September CellVatican Shadow - September CellVatican Shadow - September Cell