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​1. Install KVIRC
2. Open up KVIRC and navigate to: Settings > Configure Servers

3. ​Select the " New Network " icon in the top right and create a new network; this example uses a new network with the name "Twitch".

4. Next, select " New Server " and enter in the Server field.

5. Click " Advanced " and enter your Twitch username in the Nickname field, and your OAuth token in the Password field, and click OK (you can get an OAuth token from  API  or from a site utilizing the API such as  TwitchApps ).

6. Note - You may check " Connect to this server at startup " to join the server automatically when you start KVIRC.

7. Now simply click " Connect Now ".


So how can you use this information and apply it in the real world? Well take someone who is say 50/50 fast vs slow-twitch. Over time and with proper training if he trains his nervous system to utilize 90% of all those available FT fibers and also increases the size of them he well then be able to outperform someone who has say an 80:20 fast to slow-twitch ratio.

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Various - Twitch Recordings Volume 7Various - Twitch Recordings Volume 7Various - Twitch Recordings Volume 7Various - Twitch Recordings Volume 7