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Ford’s political views earned him widespread criticism over the years, beginning with his campaign against . involvement in World War I . He made a failed bid for a . Senate seat in 1918, narrowly losing in a campaign marked by personal attacks from his opponent. In the Dearborn Independent, a local newspaper he bought in 1918, Ford published a number of anti-Semitic writings that were collected and published as a four volume set called The International Jew. Though he later renounced the writings and sold the paper, he expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and Germany, and in 1938 accepted the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the Nazi regime’s highest medal for a foreigner.

Both the War Memorial and Veteran’s Tree of Honor were built with contributions made by county citizens and businesses and are currently maintained by the War Memorial Committee.

The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors ® , its Officers, Directors, members or employees assume no responsibility for actions of its members for any misrepresentation, negligence, or judgmental errors.  The acceptance of, and responsibility for satisfactory performance of assignments rests solely with the individual member.  

Autolite or Auto-Lite is an American brand of spark plugs and ignition wire sets. Autolite products are sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and as of 2015 ...

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