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When the conditional expression is absent, it is assumed to be true. You may have an initialization and increment expression, but C++ programmers more commonly use the ‘for (;;)’ construct to signify an infinite loop.

Very few podcasts leave me questioning reality, but this one hit it home. Specifically the part when they talked about the cassette loops. It reminds me of history and no matter when is around the events the same major plot points will prevail, and the music as a whole will stay the same.

Now that you've been exposed to some common Bash commands, it's time to understand how to use arrays and loops. And finally we'll show some real-world examples of how you can loop over arrays in Bash scripts.

Various - Loops On MroovesVarious - Loops On MroovesVarious - Loops On MroovesVarious - Loops On Mrooves